Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

English Friday: #4 Grab A Tool From Doraemon's Magic Pocket

Okay, this is my first time trying to write in English. A week ago, I joined Blog English Club (BEC). This club is very interesting. Beside we have to speak in english all the time at chit chat room, BEC has a challenge for all members called English Friday. And this friday, the challenge is writing about grab a Doraemon's Tool. Hoho, it's cool!

Doraemon, I knew him since I was in junior high school, around 1992. I accidentally watched the movie since my little sister always watched it on TV. Then it's become my favorite TV programme that I won't missed every sunday morning at that time.

I like all Doraemon's tool. But if  I had a chance to grab in his pocket , I want to borrow the time machine. But in this challenge, this tool is excluded, so I can't borrow it, poor me. Let's think about another tools. Yup, I found it, I want to borrow Pintu Kemana Saja. Sorry, I don't know how Doraemon call this tool in english, anywhere door? I'm not sure. So, let me call it just Pintu Kemana Saja, okay? :)

So many reason why I really want to pick-up Pintu Kemana Saja from Doraemon's magic pocket, especially  because it can help me to go  anywhere, anytime. So I can visit any place as  I will. 

First reason, you know, my husband live in different town, we just meet twice a month. Usually my husband who visited us here, me and the kids. The journey is not only requires energy but also needs money, huhuhu. So it makes sense if I really want this door since it can help us to save time and expenses, hoho. 

Then, due to company policy where my husband works, we have to move within 2-3 years. It's not easy to move home. We have to pack before leave and unpacking in new town. Looking for transportation such as trucks to bring goods, and other things related to relocation. Such a hard work to do. If  I had Pintu Kemana Saja, I dont need to be worry of all. Just open the door, in a second, I can move here and there, what a lovely life.

Doraemon, let me grab your Pintu Kemana Saja, please....

photo: duniamhimi.com

6 komentar:

  1. The favourite item ya mbak. Emang yang paling kerasa kalo di dunia nyata ya pintu kemana saja ini. Love to have it, or maybe even just borrow it one day would be enough.

    1. plus bisa traveling gretongan kemana aja ya Andik :D
      Wish I could borrow it again and again haha..

  2. I agree this will be good for people with Mutation Program. My hubby and my office apply this regulation, too, so we have to be ready when the time's come. Dag dig dug all the time.. haha malah curhat

    1. So... u must have this tool too Ya, Nad. Ayo bikin club nomaden :D

  3. Ini alat Doraemon yang paling diinginkan orang-orang ya, Mbak.. Hahah.. :D

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