Senin, 09 Februari 2015

[ EF # 5 ] Me and BEC

Gosshh... this is such a rush week. I passed many thing in gadget and suddenly friday come and new topic has been launch by BEC's admin. 

I read about BEC when Mba Nita share a post in KEB facebook's wall. It's impressed me much. I like learning english and I want to improve my english. For me, english is necessary 'coz I have plan to travel abroad as much as I could, hihi. So, when I read that BEC is open for whoever want to learn, I decided to join this club.

Tarraaaa... 2 days after submition the registration form, the admin invite me to whatsapp group. All members were so inspiring and their spirit increase my adrenalin in learning. Though I can't join the conversation in whatsapp group all the time, I always try to read the chit chat and learning grup as well at my spare time. In BEC, I find new friends, new lesson, new story, new character, new spirit, and so many other new. 

I love BEC and I hope this club will be a big club. Admins and mentors were the most important people that keep this club running well, and they're all very kind. Good Luck BEC, its a honour to be part of you.

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